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This website summarises the work of ICT-ENSURE, the leading support action for building a European Research Area in the field of “ICT for Environmental Sustainability”, with the objective to foster the usage of new technologies as well as supporting the global community in their collaboration to preserve the environment in the long term. ICT-ENSURE project (April 2008 to 30 April 2010) has been financed under the grant agreement number 224017 of the European Commission's 7th framework programme, Theme 3, Information and Communication Technologies.

However you are still invited to join our expert group which will stay beyond the duration of ICT-ENSURE. Find out more at our XING group ICT for Environmental Sustainability Research and at Take Action


The goal of ICT-ENSURE has been to enlarge and strengthen the European network of experts in ICT for environmental sustainability. This network should stimulate the synthesis of a Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE), brought in by DG INFSO, to better structure the various national and international research programmes and communities. Main objectives had been:

More Details are described in Detail in the section Main Objectives

The ICT-ENSURE project has provided an important starting point for the development of a European Research Area in the field of ICT for Environmental Sustainability ( see Results)

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