Biodiversity is the short term for Biological diversity and can be described as the total variability (= diversity) of life on Earth. Biodiversity is the basis for the existence of ecosystem services to which human well-being is closely linked.

ICT Application Areas within Biodiversity comprise Monitoring and Sensor Technology, Data Analysis and Processing, Assessment and Decision Making, Communication and Networking and Biodiversity Information and Education

Expert Survey

Challenges within ICT for biodiversity are to establish a link between “virtual” biodiversity and real biodiversity. There is a clear and straightforward relation between biodiversity and sustainable development. But the link between ICT application and real biodiversity conservation might be not as straightforward as expected.
Future research in this key area should focus on IC technologies that are capable to improve information flow from science to policy and application.

Further research demand comprises
  • Improvement of Sensor Technologies
  • IT and Mobile Monitoring Tools
  • Monitoring Projects Regarding Real Effects
  • Risks related to Biodiversity Information
  • Facilitating Information Flow