Climate Change

Climate change is likely to affect a wide range of areas, for example by increasing climate change related hazards, affecting biodiversity and ecosystems and by providing new challenges for the economic sector. Therefore this area is of major interest within the EU and internationally. A major focus in the area of climate change will have to be on adaptation to climate change as Europe will have to cope with the future adverse effects of climate change.

Expert Survey

The survey is based on a questionnaire issued in the course of a study. 18 experts from different European countries were contacted and interviewed.

Regarding ICT for climate change adaptation and mitigation following research demand has been identified:
  • Research networking and increased accessibility of online computing services for international collaboration.
  • Open standards to allow integration of different systems, development of e-governance systems for public participation
  • Increased integration of ICT in policy planning
  • Increased geo-referenced data availability and accessibility
  • Modelling and simulation: Downscaling of models and estimation of climate change damages.
  • Estimation of climate change damages: Increase knowledge about the link between adaptation, mitigation and residual damage of climate change. (e.g. CIRCE, CIRCLE)
  • Socio-economic analysis: Cost assessment of adaptation measures in different sectors to support decision-making. Cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis of adaptation.