Energy Consumption/Efficiency

The Energy consumption of the Information and Communication sector is estimated between 2-4 percent oft the total energy consumption worldwide. However, ICTs can be seen “[…] as an enabler to improve energy efficiency across the economy, […] with an initial focus on power grids, on energy-smart homes and buildings and on smart lighting”.

Expert Survey

V. Coroama, L. Hilty, E. Müller, M. Osses and T. Ruddy: The Role of ICT in Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency

The present study looks at the field spawned by the two main issues at the intersection between ICT and energy: ICT’s own energy consumption and ICT’s potential to induce energy efficiency across the economy. In its approach to these issues, the study looks both at today’s situation, as well as future opportunities and risks.

The study discusses the following research questions:
  • estimates of the current energy consumption of ICT,
  • prospective future developments in this energy consumption, and
  • future energy efficiency potentials induced by ICT in various economic sectors.