The basic requirement for attaining improvements of human health with regard to environmental quality is the acquisition of reliable data and comparable information.

Expert Survey

M. Entleitner, G. Fülöp, J. Kerschbaum and C. Wirl: Health and Environment

This report gives an overview of projects which aim at interlinking available health and environmental data in one system using modern ICT. Such a system will help decision makers as well as scientists to oversee the large amount of data available and it will make it possible to identify regions and substances that require special care. Currently no system is capable of combining health and environmental data in a usable manner. This problem is even more complicated at the international level.

The biggest challenges are the general lack of data, the missing comparability of data and the time-lag between environmental factors and their effects on the individual.

Therefore related projects should be seen as part of an ongoing process leading towards an integrated data system. Further investment and effort are needed in order to aid these projects to achieve this goal.