Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

If the consumption of primary materials and the deterioration of natural resources continue at the same rate, mankind will be faced with serious problems. At the current stage limited and non-renewable resources are overused and the consumption of natural resources should be limited to avoid ecological disaster.

Expert Survey

Within the two surveys the following research demand has been identified:
  • Reducing the incompatibilities encountered at the interfaces between qualitative and quantitative information and data systems.
  • Bridging the gap between the existence of information and communication technology and its application
  • Supporting integration of socio-economic experts and stakeholders confronted with every day problems for the development and application of ICT
  • Introducing all sectors of society to the use of ICT and not just top level managers and planners
  • Solving the language problem at the local scale (many stakeholders are not fluent in English and are therefore refraining from using ICT)