Community Events (ICT-ENSURE)

ICT-ENSURE organised a number of regional workshops and contributed to two EnviroInfo-Conferences. The workshops were located in

  • Barcelona within the iEMSs Conference 2008
  • Paris
  • Prague within the conference Towards eEnvironment 2009
  • Stockholm

The conferences took place in

  • Lueneburg
  • Berlin

All together about 150 experts (plus a larger number of additional participants) from 23 EU member states and 7 non EU states were actively involved in the ICT-ENSURE workshops.

Workshop Conclusions

A main focus during the workshops was put on addressing the question of future research demand in the area of ICT for environmental sustainability in the context of a Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE).

The main research demands that have been identified across the different workshops include issues like the availability, interoperability and accessibility of data and information. The importance of ICT for communication and co-operation has been repeatedly stressed and specifically the information exchange regarding best practice cases and local knowledge has been discussed. The aspect of ICT and education was approached from a number of different perspectives but has generally been seen as important.

In addition to the content related results gained from the workshops, one other important benefit of these workshops was the establishment of new connections between different experts from different countries and professional backgrounds. Even if many of these effects are hard to trace in terms of quantitative statistics it has to be taken into account, that new connections between different communities have been established and will likely provide fertile soil for future cooperation and research efforts.

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