1st Regional ICT-ENSURE Workshop

9 July 2008, Barcelona (part of the iEMSs Conference 2008)


The workshop entitled “Research in the field of ICT for Environmental Sustainability” was organised in the framework of the 4th Biennial Conference on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs) on July 9, 2008 at the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona as the first regional event of ICT-ENSURE.
The aim of this meeting was to select fields for future sustainability research, gather information on national research programmes for the European Research Area, and develop a better understanding for the implementation of SISE, the Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment. In the presentations, ICT-ENSURE topics were highlighted from a scientific, industrial, technical and ecological viewpoint.


This first workshop focussed on pre-selecting the most relevant topics for future sustainability research, and to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion between the participants on these issues.
In the early phase of ICT-ENSURE a discussion on main areas of interest, the content of contributions of ICT in the field of environmental sustainability research to ERA, and the support for fostering a Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE) was accomplished. At this early stage, it was considered important not to exclude certain ideas and fields. In fact it was considered that integrating and structuring the many heterogeneous ideas and projects characteristics for the dynamic field of environmental informatics would provide important insights and a comprehensive knowledge base.
20 participants (11 speakers, 9 registerd participants) from 9 countries (7 EU countries)

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