EnviroInfo 2009 Berlin

Workshop Natural Resources


At the current stage limited and non-renewable resources are overused and the consumption of natural resources should be limited to avoid ecological disaster. Intact ecosystems offer invaluable services by supplying us with clean water, air and regenerate soils. In this context the focus within the key area of sustainable use of natural resources deals with water resources, soil resources, air and biodiversity also in relation to resources use in the tourism industry.

ICT for sustainable use of natural resources is a necessary and rapidly expanding area. While research covers the areas mentioned above, it also includes the consumption and recycling aspect of resource use, the influence of ICT on society and the requirements imposed by society on the ICT infrastructure. In this workshop the topic of ICT was presented as a means to provide a sustainable management of water resources and land use.


The focus of this ICT-ENSURE workshop was to analyse how ICT related research fields can support the sustainable use of natural resources. Allowing interdisciplinary exchange this workshop was well linked to other focal areas covered by the EnviroInfo 2009. The 9 core presentations held during the workshop treated the topics protection and management (sharing) of water resources, river-basin water management, resources and land use management, as well as ICT for urban metabolism. In the concluding moderated discussion session the question of equal water management and legal framework conditions was discussed in depth. Core issues treated were how to use the existing technology in a more co-operative way, how to involve and educate stakeholders to use technology properly and how to proceed to a ‘true validation of existing models’.

Workshop Programme

This is the programme of the ICT-ENSURE workshop ICT for Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. For the programme of the whole conference EnviroInfo 2009 have a look at www.enviroinfo2009.org/programme.

11.00 - 12.30, 9 September 2009
ICT for Sustainable Use of Natural Resources 1
ICT‐ENSURE: ICT for environmental Sustainability – Welcome  - Maurer Lisa
ICT for the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources with Particular Reference to Water Resources  -  de Jong Carmen
Web-based Databases of shared Waters for Ecosystem Preservation  -  Ganoulis Jacques
SPIDER: A System of Participatory Information, Decision- Support and Expert Knowledge for Irrigation and River-basin Water Management  -  Spiteri Anna
14.30 - 16.00, 9 September 2009
ICT for Sustainable Use of Natural Resources 2
From Data Access to Information Process in Water Resource Management at Basin Scale  -  Masson Eric
ICT for Urban Metabolism: The Case of BRIDGE  -  Chrysoulakis Nektarios
Sustainable Development of Environment and ICT in Bulgaria  -  Dimitrova Ivanka
Sustainable Innovation for Resource Management  -  Marsh Jesse
16.30 - 17.30, 9 September 2009
ICT for Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
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