Real-life Network EnviroInfo

Environmental Informatics has become a movement in applied informatics and computer science dealing with environmental matters three decades ago. Two nuclei of the upcoming field of “computer application for environmental protection” were the 1st Symposium held at the Karlsruhe Research Center in 1986 and the foundation of the Technical Committee “Informatik im Umweltschutz” (Environmental Informatics). Today, environmental informatics constitutes an extensive scientific community. Its multidisciplinary contours and its critical mass with nearly 400 members are building a stable research communication platform (Pillmann, Geiger, Voigt 2006).

The growing interest in informatics applications in all fields of environmental protection led to an unbroken series of annual “EnviroInfo” conferences in Europe. From an international perspective, some other platforms exist, which provide a knowledge exchange in Environmental Informatics. They include ISESS, the biannual Symposium for Environmental Software Systems and iEMSs, the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society. Furthermore, two IFIP working groups are dealing with environmental applications: the WG 5.11 “Computers and Environment” and the WG 9.9 “ICT and Sustainable Development”. The following table visualizes these different communication platforms with their symposia and conferences.


Community extensions - quantitative and content applied:

ICT-ENSURE has also demonstrated the need for a bottom-up process of interdisciplinary cooperation and communication in order to define the new integrated research space combining ICT and environmental sustainability. In the ICT-ENSURE project one task was to integrate experts from European countries and other projects in this existing network. In the four ICT-ENSURE regional workshops and in the seven ICT-ENSURE workshops integrated in the EnviroInfo conferences, several topics could be emphasised, with the combined approach of ICT and sustainability.

Detailed information about the workshops are available in the Community Events section.