Actor Groups

In order to understand the European Research Area for ICT and environmental sustainability, the different actor groups need to be taken into account. Results from the scientific surveys and the networking events within the ICT-ENSURE project show that the importance of inter-disciplinary exchange and communication between different user groups has been repeatedly stressed. The integration of information sources and to facilitate access to and exchange of information between actor groups is one of the main challenges for ICT in the context of environmental sustainability. Approaching this challenge can support the stronger involvement of the actor groups in the context of the respective ERA activities, thereby contributing to SISE on a higher level. Such actor groups comprise

  • Environmental Researchers
  • ICT Researchers
  • Socio-economic Researchers
  • Community stakeholders, open public
  • Governments and policy-makers
  • Industry

The following figure visualises a possible assignment of actors and target groups to tasks within SISE.