System Model

Associated Deliverables are available for download at the WP 2 Download Section.

Environmental information is available for all imaginable areas in all conceivable variants and details in an overwhelming amount. Today, there exists no standardized structure, where environmental information is organized in a uniform manner. ICT-ENSURE follows the idea to maintain a broad view to the environment and proposes a conceptual Meta-model used as organising principle for access to environmental information.

For demonstrating an exemplary use of the proposed Meta-model for structuring the information space, the areas air, water and industry were agreed on. As a fourth application field “market dynamics”, which had not been foreseen within the contract topics, were considered in addition as an essential pillar for sustainability research.

Oriented on the Meta-model, nine experts/scientists provided their specific perspectives of systemic view approaching the idea of semantic access to relevant information in the selected areas with regard to an IT implementation.