What is SISE?

Origins of SISE

In 2005 the i2010 strategy: A European Information Society for growth and employment was launched by the Commission. One of the objectives was to establish a Single European Information Space offering high-bandwidth communications, rich content and digital services with a market-oriented regulatory framework.

SISE has its roots also in 2005 with the formulation of the objective “ICT-2007.6.3: ICT for Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency” in FP7. Here, the Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE) was introduced, in which environmental institutions, service providers and citizens can collaborate or use available information without technical restraints

The aim of SISE bases on an ICT research vision for
  • real-time connectivity between multiple environmental resources
  • allowing seamless cross-system search
  • with cross-border, multi-disciplinary data acquisition ans sharing

The challenge consits in removing the many information islands existing in Europe and in building a dynamic and collaborative space in Europe for environmental services. This is the aim of the vision towards a "Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment" (SISE) developed by the Information Societa and Media Directorate-General of the European Commission.