The associated deliverables are located in the Deliverables WP 2 - System Model and WP 7 - SISE Concept Outline Download area.

If you want to know more about the origins of SISE please have a look at What is SISE.

The objective of the work package WP7 of ICT-ENSURE is to outline a concept for the integration of European environmental information into a singel information space (SISE).

Furthermore two ICT-ENSURE workshops had a focus on SISE. One took place within the conference Towards eEnvironment in Prague. The other one was organised within the conference EnviroInfo 2009 in Berlin.

ICT-ENSURE vision and strategy for supporting the SISE initiative of the EC

The SISE initiative of DG-INFSO shall support exchange of environmental information, relevant for sustainability. It shall essentially contribute to a higher efficiency and effectiveness of access to the hitherto fragmented European information sources. The long-term vision of SISE is to offer policy and decision makers, researchers, practitioners and the public an ICT-enabled space of information and collaboration.

ICT-ENSURE shall act as a facilitator to structure the landscape of environmental sustainability information, to encourage its stakeholders to contribute to a pan-European information space and to extend the communication platform, based on the EnviroInfo conferences.