Main Objectives

The goal of ICT-ENSURE is to enlarge and strengthen the European network of experts in ICT for environmental sustainability. This network should stimulate the synthesis of a Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE), brought in by DG INFSO, to better structure the various national and international research programmes and communities.

Network & Communicate

In order to integrate Europe’s leading experts from related communities and to explore research activities in individual countries, four regional workshops and two EnviroInfo conferences are conducted within the ICT-ENSURE project. These workshops are addressing different aspects of the ICT-ENSURE project including: ICT and climate change, ICT for environmental risk management, ICT for agriculture and biodiversity, ICT for industrial ecology, ICT for sustainable use of natural resources and working towards SISE.

Inform & Support

To foster the development of the European Research Area in the field of ICT for environmental sustainability, the provision of information on research activities and research results in the form of web based systems (literature database and research programmes information system) in the field of ICT for environmental sustainability is being developed by ICT-ENSURE.

Survey & Analyse

Through the involvement of a number of European experts in different fields of ICT for environmental sustainability, the importance and potential of different key areas are analysed with the aim of identifying the current state of research and of determining future research needs. Key areas addressed within the ICT-ENSURE project in relation to ICT use include: Energy consumption and efficiency, climate change, sustainable use of natural resources, biodiversity, agriculture, industrial ecology, quality of life, sustainable urban development, health and environmental risk management.