Main Target Groups

In the project proposal the ICT-ENSURE targets were focusing on the following groups:

  • DG INFSO Unit H4 “ICT for Sustainable Growth”
  • Program managers in the field of ICT for environmental sustainability
  • Persons in ICT/informatics research and ICT application with upcoming research needs (in research and university institutes, FP6/7 participants, members of environmental protection agencies, EEA and JRC staff, advisors etc.)
  • Persons in the private sector working in the field of ICT, applied to: environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, sustainability reporting and informatics research.

In the recent workshops held during the lifetime of ICT-ENSURE, the following participant groups were registered: 32% of all active participants came from different European Universities, 32% from other research institutes - often closely or directly related to industry - and 24% were representatives from NGO’s, international initiatives, networks and programme managers. Governmental organisations were represented by about 12%. Derived from several participant statements it became evident, that trans-disciplinary network building with the integration of organisational aspects, ICT, informatics and environmental science is considered as a value for its own.