Work Package 2: System Model
The objectives of this work package are
  • assessing the opportunities and risks of ICT for environmental sustainablitiy regarding among other things the larger socio-economic context (i.e. technical progress, economic growth, and social change)
  • developing a comprehensive framework for the role of ICT in environmental sustainability
  • identifying ICT applications and their interaction with the environment in a system model
  • locating the areas, where ICT can influence environmental sustainability (technologies, sectors, drivers and impacts)
Work Package 3: Research Network
This work package comprises the four regional workshops to expand the network among experts on environmental sustainability from the EU27 member states:
Barcelona July 2008
Paris January 2009
Prague March 2009
Stockholm November 2009
Work Package 4, 5: EnviroInfo 2008, 2009
ICT-ENSURE will contribute to the EnviroInfo conferences in Lüneburg (2008) and Berlin (2009).

See Events for additional information.

Work Package 6: Literature Database
Within this work package an online literature database will be developed to enable free access to full text paper resources of the environmental sustainability community. For example this database will contain the EnviroInfo conference proceedings (at least since 2001).
A beta version is available at http://lit.ict-ensure.eu.
Work Package 7: SISE Concept Outline
ICT-ENSURE will work towards a single information space for the environment in Europe (SISE). A concept will be outlined to integrate European environmental information into a SISE.
Work Package 8: Scientific Survey in Selected Fields
Selected areas of scientific interest, of economic importance and of political relevance will be analysed by experts to evaluate the importance of ICT in current environmental research, application and education processes and to determine future developments and opportunities.
These areas will include:
  • Energy consumption/efficiency
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Climate change
  • Eco-insustrial applications, industrial ecology
  • Agriculture, Landscape, Biodiversity
  • Personalised Information Services & Quality of Life
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Health & Environmental Risk Management
Work Package 9: Web-based Research Programmes Information System
The main objective of this work package is to develop a web-based information system for acquisition, storage and retrieval of the meta-information on research programmes in Europe in the field of ICT for environmental sustainability.
A beta version is available at http://is.ict-ensure.eu.
Work Package 1, 10: Management, Dissemination
These work packages can be seen as horizontal activities. Management activities will keep the project on track.
Dissemination activities aim at making aware of the ongoing initiatives and attracting domain related experts, communities, industry, science and public organisations as well as the open public all across Europe, with focus on EU27.