WP 2 - System Model

Within this workpackage a model and a comprehensive framework for the role of ICT in environmental sustainability have been developed.

This report provides models in specific areas, oriented on a uniform structure on a Meta-model. This basic conceptual generic model separates the “environment” in a natural and man-made part and emphasises the closed loop control aspects on environmental monitoring for environmental protection with the feedback function of environmental information, for which ICT plays a dominant role to gather, process, store, distribute, and communicate environmental information.
This deliverable comprises a first approach to systematise and evaluate ICT applications on the basis of effects of environmentally relevant ICT applications that are having an essential influence on sustainability including systemic effects of ICT.
This document introduces a Framework and System Model dealing with the role of ICT in Environmental Sustainability. With this system approach the attempt is made to describe in more detail the heterogeneous areas of environmental sustainability research under the perspective of ICT application on a meta level.