WP 8 - Scientific Survey

In this work package scientific studies were conducted by subcontracted external experts to analyse the role of ICT in the different key areas of ICT-ENSURE.

Information can be also found at Key Areas.

One objective of the support action ICT-ENSURE is a survey of European ICT in the field of environmental sustainability research. For this purpose a set of possible application areas considered relevant to sustainable development in the information society have been selected.
This interim report documents the developments in Work Package 8 in the first year of the project. It contains an overview of the approach used to analyse the selected key areas and summarises some important results that have been produced through the subcontracting of experts.
This document provides an overview of the results generated within WP 8 and aims at approaching the surveys conducted on an integrated scale to support the ERA recommendations of WP3 and to build the basis for the final validation and discussion process.