14 June 2010
Public Symposium with Presentations
"Climate Change Communication and Collaboration: Translating Awareness into Collective Action" on Wednesday, June 16th, 5:00 – 7:00 pm, at MODUL University Vienna. Download further information here: Triple C Symposium

28 April 2010
Two new Deliverables online

19 April 2010
Questionaire about Main Research Demands
ICT-ENSURE created a questionnaire with some of the main identified research demands in the area ICT for environmental sustainability. We would need your support. Find out more in our latest group newsletter at our XING group: www.xing.com/net/ict-ensure.

12 April 2010
ERA Recommendations Report
Deliverable 3.5 (ERA Recommendations Report) is available in the download section. This report aims at analysing the results generated within the ICT-ENSURE project in order to contribute to the structuring and the development of the European Research Area “ICT for environmental sustainability”.

6 April 2010
Final Survey Report
Deliverable 8.2b is available for download in the Downloads section. This deliverable provides an overview of the results generated within WP 8.

23 March 2010
We are interested in your experience and comments
Within ICT-ENSURE different research demands have been identified in the area of ICT for environmental sustainability. We would like to invite you to communicate your experience and comments to the these research demands at our forum ICT Ensure / Main Research Demands at XING.

3 February 2010
Workshop Reports
Reports of the workshops "Climate Change", "ICT-ENSURE Information Dissemination", "Risk Management" and "SISE" which has been organised within EnviroInfo 2009 Berlin are available for download.

14 January 2010
New publication about the use of ICT in sustaining the environment: Naturally speaking
The latest Public Service Review: Science and Technology (Item 5) contains a publication by Carmen de Jong (Director of the Mountain Institute and subcontractor of ICT-ENSURE) and Lisa Maurer (Project Manager for ICT-ENSURE).
The publication is available online: Naturally speaking.

13 January 2010
EnviroInfo 2010 Call for Papers
The EnviroInfo 2010 conference will take place in Cologne and Bonn from 6 - 8 October 2010. Call for Papers is open.

23 December 2009
Workshop Report Stockholm
Deliverable 3.4b available for download in the Downloads section.

17 December 2009
Revised Deliverables
Deliverable 2.2 Framework and System Model and Deliverable 7.1 Screening of critical requirements for SISE have been revised. The new version is now available for online.

9 December 2009
Beta version of Literature Database online
A beta version of the literature database is now online at http://lit.ict-ensure.eu.

4 December 2009
Follow ICT-ENSURE on Twitter
It's now possible to follow us on Twitter.

30 November 2009
New Deliverable 3.6 online
D 3.6 Conclusions from Regional Workshops and EnviroInfo Workshops has been finalised and is now available online in the download section.

27 November 2009
More than 30 members
Our XING group ICT for Environmental Sustainability Research is growing steadily. The discussion forum about our last workshop ICT and Climate Change is now open!

16 November 2009
ICT and Climate Change - Workshop
The 4th regional ICT-ENSURE workshop took place in Stockholm today. more infos

13 November 2009
New Project-Website
The project website has been redesigned and is now online.

13 November 2009
ICT-ENSURE created the group ICT for Environmental Sustainability Research on the social network portal XING. You are invited to join the group to become part of our network and to get in contact with experts in the field of ICT for environmental sustainability.

6 November 2009
New Surveys
Two new surveys are now available for download. One is about Health and Environment, the other about the eBiosphere-09 Congress on Biodiversity Informatics.

20 October 2009
eChallenges e-2009 Conference
Results from the ICT-ENSURE project will be presented at the e-Challenges conference 21-23 October 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey www.echallenges.org/e2009. The presentation will focus on ICTs for Sustainable Consumption, thereby addressing the trans-disciplinary aspect of Personalised Information Systems for Quality of Life.

The goal of e-2009 is to stimulate rapid take-up of Research and Technology Development (RTD) results by industry and in particular SMEs, and help open up the European Research Area (ERA) to the rest of the world.