12 October 2009
Call for Contributions: ICT-ENSURE Workshop on ICT and Climate Change
The next regional workshop will take place in Stockholm on 16 November 2009. Call for Contributions

12 October 2009
Smart and Efficient Energy Council (SEECí2009)
ICT-ENSURE attended the Smart and Efficient Energy Council with the contribution from Klaus Tochtermann "The Role of ICT in Energy Efficiency" in Trento (Italy) on October 9th 2009.

21 September 2009
Austrian Champions in European Research
The ICT-ENSURE project coordinators Klaus Tochtermann and Lisa Maurer have been honoured by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency for their work and commitment as austrian project coordinators of the project ICT-ENSURE. Certificate

17 September 2009
Successfull ICT-ENSURE Workshops within EnviroInfo 2009
5 ICT-ENSURE workshops were organised within the EnviroInfo in Berlin from 9-11 September 2009.

6 July 2009
TDWG registration now open
The registration for the TDWG conference in Montpellier (Monday 9th - Friday 13th November 2009) is now open. Details at www.tdwg.org/conference2009

22 June 2009
EnviroInfo 2009 Berlin, September 9th - 11th 2009
ICT-ENSURE will contribute to the EnviroInfo 2009 with 5 workshops covering SISE, climate change, natural resources, biodiversity, risk management and industrial ecology. Call for Papers is still open until 30 June 2009.

3 June 2009
Deliverable 7.1 Screening of Information Sources for an Integrated Environmental Information Space
Deliverable 7.1 is now available online at the Download section.

2 June 2009
Deliverable 3.3b Workshop Report Prague
The report of our latest very successful regional workshop in Prague is now available for download in the Downloads section.

27 May 2009
e-Knowledge about Biodiversity and Agriculture
The ICT-ENSURE team would like to call attention to the TDWG Annual conference organised by a networking partner of ICT-ENSURE (Agropolis International and Bioversity International). This event will focus on e-knowledge about biodiversity and agriculture and will take place 9-13 November 2009 in Montpellier, France. For more information please refer to the conference website. www.tdwg.org

25 May 2009
A Google Maps-based visualisation of the expert network build up by ICT-ENSURE through various workshops is now available online at Community Events

4 May 2009
Delivarable 10.2 Dissemination Plan
The dissemniation plan of ICT-ENSURE is now available at the Downloads section.

4 May 2009
Deliverable 9.2 First Prototype Implementation
An addendum to the first prototype implementation of the web-based research information system is available for download at the Results section. The prototype is available at http://is.ict-ensure.eu.

4 May 2009
Deliverable 8.2 Interim reports
Interim reports of the surveys in selected fields now online at the Downloads section.

29 April 2009
New Promotional Material
A new flyer and a new presentation are available for download at the Dissemination Material section.

3 April 2009
Deliverable 2.2 Framework and System Model of ICT in Environmental Sustainability
now available for download in the Downloads section.

23 March 2009
Announcement: Workshop Prague on Thursday
The 3rd regional workshop will take place in Prague on 26 March 2009 within the conference Towards eEnvrionment.

4 March 2009
Workshop Concept Prague
Deliverable 3.3a available for download in the Downloads section.

2 March 2009
Workshop Report Paris
Deliverable 3.2b available for download in the Downloads section.

27 February 2009
Results of the ICT-ENSURE Workshop in Paris
Available online in the events section.

20 January 2009
Deliverable 2.1 Assessment of opportunities and risks of ICT for Environmental Sustainability
now available for download at Downloads